Looking at models on the runway for Victorias Secret or New York Fashion Week reminds us spectators that we can afford to get a bit healthier. Maybe you are naturally slim but need a little extra something to stay toned for bikinis in the summer or an upcoming photo shoot. While it is great to work out routinely, your diet has a big impact on your health and weight loss. Some mainstream models claim to binge on burgers and fries, mocking us who have to work a bit harder to stay in shape, while others are a bit more realistic and stick to strict diets. Luckily for us being in the age of technology, accessing their diets via YouTube or other social media platforms allow us to follow along and diet with them, meal by meal.

Sophia Kleo, a model and YouTube vlogger, decided to put these diets to the test. Being human, she indulged in some heavy snacking that resulted in guilt and a bit of weight gain. To counter that sugar eating spree, Kleo vlogged a week of model diets, from breakfast to dinner, using a different famous model each day. Starting with a Trader Joes grocery store haul, Sophia shows us the different food items. With a table full of healthy items, ranging from fruits to almond butter to packages of salmon, Sophia goes day-by-day eating the same foods as famous models Bella Hadid, Miranda Kerr, Kendall Jenner, and others and critiquing how much she enjoyed each meal. Some of the repeat items included almond milk, eggs, salmon, and avocados, which are high in fat and protein while low in calories. On the last day of the model eating challenge, Sophia reads a quote from Bella Hadid mentioning she essentially eats fast foods–everyday.

While Sophia doesnt show herself pigging out on burgers and pizza slices, her and her boyfriend enjoy some green shakes and ginger shots while filming in the car. Overall, the model diet was successful, as Sophia lost three pounds in one week. She felt better after eating a clean diet and actually ended up spending less than usual eating a healthier diet.

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We may not be red- carpet ready on a daily basis, however eating a healthy diet and eliminating as much artificial sugar as possible is a start to living a healthier and slimmer life. As the models in the video showed, foods high in protein and healthy fat paired with portion control are essential for maintaining a good weight. Not only does eating well benefit your looks, you will notice yourself feeling lighter and having a lot more energy. We are humans, so we will fall short, but luckily we can do everything in moderation. So hey, if we eat healthy like Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner , why not have a cheat day and binge it like Bella? Paired with lots of water, this diet may have us on major magazine covers sooner than we could ever imagine.