Toddler usually love loud noises. What parent hasn’t had to leave the grocery store to quite a tantrum or sprint through the house to investigate banging noises coming from their little ones?

The toddler in this video makes it clear that her terrible twos are going to be different from the norm. Instead of making noise, she has her heart set on preventing her father from having his own loud fun. When her dad tries to show her a fun set of maracas by gently shaking them, she immediately intervenes. Watch her run as fast as her tiny legs can carry her to press the maracas against her father’s legs and shout, “No! No!” repeatedly.

Although the instruments are almost twice as big as her hands, she doesn’t hesitate to take them from daddy and hide them across the room.

As all parents know, you can’t expect a troublemaker to start behaving after just one admonition. As soon as this strict little girl leaves the room, her dad recovers the maracas and shakes them again.

Of course, the disciplinarian of the family is waiting for this exact move and comes toddling over yet again to restore quiet to the home. No matter how many times the cycle repeats, her daddy just won’t stop making noise! Hopefully this little girl gets a drum set for Christmas so her father can get a taste of his own medicine.