Most parents don’t think to look closely at the products they use with their babies.

They expect that the items that are sold in stores are safe for babies, but there is something that doctors want parents to consider removing from the home. Baby wipes are often a necessity for many parents, but it’s a product that can cause severe rashes on some babies.

Recent studies reveal that you might be doing more harm than good for your baby by using wipes. There is one ingredient that companies don’t want parents to know about, and it’s the ingredient that parents should be concerned with. Some children develop scaly patches on the skin and a red rash.

In the study, about six issues were discovered with multiple children when the wipes were used. An 8-year-old developed a rash on her mouth and buttocks after using the wipes on these areas of the body.

There is a preservative in the wipes that will make them last for a long time, but the preservative will also lead to rashes. Parents should check to see if the wipes they use have methylisothiazolinone in them, and if so, then they should consider changing to a different brand.

Dr. Max Gomez: Baby Wipes Could Cause Painful Allergic Reaction