When many people think of Budweiser they think of Clydesdale horses. Anheuser-Busch actually owns more than 200 Clydesdale horses that are kept in various stables across the United States.


The Clydesdales make regular live appearances across the United States each year. Television commercials that air during the Superbowl and feature the Clydesdales have been an American tradition since 1986. One year, the company created a sweet and beautiful television commercial that never ended up airing. The heartwarming ad was beautiful and charming, but no one ever saw it on television.


Now you can watch it online. The ad starts with a Clydesdale pawing at a snowball. It’s easy for the viewer to think the horse is just playing around like a frisky puppy, but then the commercial shows the horse throwing a snowball at his friends.


A snowball fight ensues, the horses chest-bumping each other with victory. At one point, a playful horse rubs his body against a tree under which the other horses are standing. All of a sudden, a shower of snow dumps onto the horses from the tree branches.


This commercial is suggestive of the joy and playfulness that we all should embody during the holiday season.