A fort built for the Navy in Solent, England over 150 years ago has undergone a rather impressive transformation. The Spitbank Sea Fort has evolved into a very stylish resort that caters to travelers who want to get away from it all.

It is a unique travel destination that few people in the area even know exists. As the fort has served its use, the British government declared it to be surplus back in 1962 and the Ministry of Defense agreed to dispose of it in 1982.

Seeing its potential for a unique tourist spot, the Amazing Ventures company took over the disused fort and transformed it into a relaxing and luxurious place.

To reach the fort, one can take a half-hour boat ride from Portsmouth or Southampton. This makes it easy to get to for those who live in the United Kingdom.

Most areas of the fort have been renovated, however it still has a certain rustic appeal.

If one looks at the main area, it looks just like the lobby of a fancy hotel. Great amenities await guests, such as several restaurant and bar areas, plus a dining room that can be used to host various events such as dinners, reunions and parties.

If one is wealthy enough, it is possible to rent the whole fort to host private events like weddings. A rooftop pool, dance hall, fire pit and sauna are some of the other features found at the fort.