The Piano Boys released Fight Song/Amazing Grace on YouTube.

Filmed on the grounds of a Scottish castle, the video juxtaposes Rachel Platten’s “This is Your Fight Song” against the traditional Scottish hymn “Amazing Grace.”

The result is a tribute to the Scottish spirit of grace in the midst of struggle. The video begins with an aerial shot of the Scottish highlands, following a brook upstream until it reaches “home,” a loch with the ruins of a castle on its banks.

The majority of the video depicts the Piano Boys playing “This is Your Fight Song,” who are later joined by a Scottish bagpipe and drum corps to conclude in a triumphal “Amazing Grace.” The soundtrack is entirely instrumental, with the lyrics to “Amazing Grace” appearing in the opening camera shot.

The video has provoked deep, emotional responses from viewers. While many feel a deep sense of patriotism for their Scottish homeland, others see it as emblematic of the ability of the human spirit to triumph in the face of obstacles.

One man wrote in the comments that seeing this video reminds him of his sister, who overcame a rare cancer. Such reactions show just how effectively the video brings together Scotland’s present and past within the context of music to create emotionally moving art.