When it comes to applying stardom to a social media platform, the individual must possess attractable skills set or demeanor. For Hilde Osland, she’s got all that and more. Hilde enjoys a great stance of wealth thanks to her many different achievements and multiple areas of work. She is a singer, songwriter, dancer, model, social media personality, and an influencer. She is from Norway and got her start in the world of media with a few small stints with programming services. She started her strive for excellence as a TV Channel star.

Working to reprise small roles for some of their hit programs placed her name in the hat of contributors looking for more. She grew up in Norway but would move to Melbourne, Australia as she became a more recognizable figure. From Australia, she would reprise her other facets of interest.


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She would compete on multiple singing competitions, placing in a few of the competitions held within Norway. She uses music as an element of the release. She has written a few songs that hold a deeply rooted meaning to her. Placing her meaning within her lyrics helps to shape popular opinions about the 32-year-old. She started writing and producing music at a young age, comprising her childhood of many different ventures to seek perfection of craft. As time went on, she continued to pursue music from a distance. Her most famous achievements come from a world of modeling and dancing. Dancing is another one of the childhood attributes that she has carried throughout her life. What is being termed as more playful than a career path, Hilde dances to achieve a higher level of fitness and to foster conversations with modeling agencies. Applying herself to many different roles is what opened the doors of opportunity for her with her modeling career. She is often found doing bikini photo sessions on sandy white beaches across the globe. She is a rep for many different brands and companies. Her work has helped her progress to internet fame.

On Instagram, Hilde has over 2 million followers. Being that she is involved in many different platforms of work, people gravitate to her grounded attitude. She has never let the limelight shape the woman she has become, keeping herself within a similar line of sight as your average person. The extensions of fame have only increased her personal involvement with organizations and programs she holds dear to her heart. Her fans provide her with the energy she needs to keep producing. Today, Hilde spends more time focusing on the little things in life rather than letting the celebrity status take over her sense of being. Music and dance involvement help to shed light on the hobbyist that she has become.

She shares her latest music release with fans via YouTube and utilizes social media platforms as the means of interaction with others. She is an inspiration to young musicians and dancers that are in need of words of encouragement, always taking the time to shoot someone a message of promise.