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This Cow Knew They Were About To Take Her Baby, So She Quickly Came Up With A Plan To Hide Her

Mothers know when their children are in pain, and they will do anything to protect their children. They will  Continue Reading »

1 year ago

Teen With Down Syndrome Heard A Shriek Of Horror, Runs To The Rescue Before Anyone Else

When he was simply three-years-old, Valerio Catoia began to discover to swim. His household desired him to be strong  Continue Reading »

2 years ago

98% Of People Can’t Find All The People In This Photo. Can You?

Several puzzles online require that people find hidden images. These could be shapes that are tucked behind other shapes  Continue Reading »

2 years ago

Michelle Obama Takes Heat For Wearing Revealing Bathing Suit

Michelle Obama and her daughter Malia showed out in Miami Beach to enjoy their weekend accompanied by some of  Continue Reading »

2 years ago

Dog Takes 5 Bites From Rattlesnake To Save Owners Life

In the United States one of the most common types of venomous snakes are rattlesnakes. Additionally, they are also  Continue Reading »

2 years ago

Two High School Students Arrest For ‘Indecent Exposure’

Bolivar Central High School takes dress code infractions seriously when it comes to indecent exposure. What exactly constitutes indecent  Continue Reading »

2 years ago

Michelle Obama Compares Herself To Other First Ladies

Through the years, people have always had to prove that they belonged in certain places just like everyone else.  Continue Reading »

2 years ago

Coffee Shop Asks Officers To Leave Because Someone Complained They Felt Unsafe

Rob Ferraro is the president of the Tempe Officers Association or otherwise known as the TOA. Recently he spoke  Continue Reading »

2 years ago

Dad Rips School Board After Finding Out They Taught Islam To Students

An elementary school on the west coast of the United States of America has made headlines; after a parent  Continue Reading »

2 years ago

Hospital Goes Viral For “Stuffing” Newborn Babies

Newborn babies are adorable, aren’t they? More so when they have been wrapped with blankets, as they sleep, since  Continue Reading »

2 years ago