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Landlord Sick Of Tennant Not Paying Rent Takes Off Front Door

The pandemic has led to many people being sick with COVID-19 and many without jobs due. Thousands lost their  Continue Reading »

21 hours ago

Veteran Hears Girl Being Raped In The Bathroom, Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

We all know veterans are heroes but some of them actually end up saving lives even when they’re not  Continue Reading »

21 hours ago

Teens Are Holding Bags Of Bleach On Face To Change Eye Color

Bleach is a chlorine based cleanser good for eliminating stubborn stains from fabrics used for clothing, upholstering, carpeting, etc.  Continue Reading »

22 hours ago

Teachers Union Leader Says Learning About BLM More Important Than Math

The leader of the teacher’s union believes learning about BLM is more important than re-phrasing rath. Throughout the pandemic,  Continue Reading »

22 hours ago

People Are Freaking Out Over Aunt Jemima’s New Name

At the height of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations last summer, PepsiCo decided to replace the “racist” Aunt Jemima  Continue Reading »

23 hours ago

She Lost 267 Pounds In 1 Year

It is not uncommon, for many people, to face various struggles with weight loss. It is refreshing and inspiring  Continue Reading »

24 hours ago

If You See A Worm That Looks Like This Kill It ASAP

An Asian worm species is wreaking havoc in gardens and yards across the American Midwest right now. The invasive  Continue Reading »

2 days ago

Rare Penny Is Worth Over $1,700,000, Check Your Coins Now!

A penny is the most worthless type of US currency, as everyone knows. However, things have taken an odd  Continue Reading »

2 days ago

Dad Finds Out What His Daughter Did To Another Student, Makes Her Walk 5 Miles To School

We are confident that if we decide to select Matt Cox as our parent of the year, not everyone  Continue Reading »

2 days ago

Teacher Sobs During Resignation For Refusing To Teach CRT

Morris taught fifth-grade pupils at the Lucketts Elementary School in Leesburg, Virginia, which is part of Loudoun County. Morris  Continue Reading »

2 days ago