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They See This Chilling Note On A Cardboard Box, When They Go To Open It My Heart Sinks!

Itís the sort of story that tugs at the heart-strings and has one reaching for a box of Kleenex,  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Extremely Rare Animal Spotted For First Time In 20 Years

A Chinese man by the name of Weidong Li recently captured images of a rare animal called the Ili  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Park Staffer Was Drowning In Flood When Baby Elephant Comes To The Rescue

People who work in parks and care for animals know all too well that accidents can happen at any  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Crew Reels In GIGANTIC 3,000 Pound Shark Of South Carolina Coast

Outcast Sport Fishing, a charter fishing service out of Hilton Head, South Carolina, made a huge catch on a  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

I Always Thought Owls Were Cool, But This Video Takes The Cake!

The internet is full of cute animal videos, most notably cats, and now this one features owls that a  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

What These Fisherman Pulled Out Of The Ocean Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Although few people may have heard of Murmansk, Russia, it is the home of a deep sea fisherman named  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

This Horse Laid Down To Die, Then a Surprise Hero Comes To The Rescue!

A pony has been rescued by the RSCPA in United Kingdom. The group was called after the pony had  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

What This Cute Cat Who Only Has 2 Legs Can Do Is Amazing

Able never thought his life would turn out the way it did. The adorable feline was born with four  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Seagull Dives To Eat A Small Sardine, Has No Idea Something Much Bigger Is Waiting For Him

In Girona, Spain, there is a port that is famous for the huge tuna that live in the sea  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Woman Calls Dog Home, Almost Passes Out When She See’s What’s Following Him

Warren is a baby rhinoceros who is being raised by attentive humans at the Wild Africa Wildlife Center. He  Continue Reading »

4 years ago