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Authorities Tell Resident To Remove ‘Obsolete’ 9/11 Memorial From Property

If you haven’t heard about what Leigh Gardella-Wood went through recently, then you haven’t been up to date. Leila  Continue Reading »

1 month ago

American Soldiers Get Booed In Sickening Display

There is a movement taking America by storm in today’s political climate, am talking about the Black Lives Matter  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Restaurant Owner Caves, Takes Down “Offensive” State Flag

For over three decades a union jack flag has hung at the Buckhead’s OK Café. The flag had one  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Major League Baseball Adds Controversial Logo To Pitchers Mound

Social injustice has been an ongoing plague in our country’s history since its inception back in 1776.In today’s world  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Soldier Planning Lawsuit For Religious Discrimination After Sergeant Majors Actions

Sargent Cesilia Valdovinos is currently involved in filing a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Army, over allegations that her  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Woman Climbs Barrier To Take Selfie With Jaguar, Now They Want Him Euthanized

A woman, unidentified by name, is nursing wounds after suffering injuries caused by a jaguar. On a trip to  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Michelle Obama Claims Many People Across The Globe Feel Brarack Is Their President

Clearly, still touching the hearts of many Americans and numerous other countries the Obama family continues their devotion to,  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

73 Year Old Elephant Sobs After Finally Being Rescued

In a moment seen and heard around the world, a 73 years old elephant named Sook Jai had tears  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Her Hobbies Take Her All Over The World

Lucia Lachkovic is a fitness swimsuit and lingerie model and brand ambssodar for BeBE, Maxsport and invisalign. Miss Lachkovic  Continue Reading »

2 months ago

Her Workouts Inspire Others Across America

Social media influencer, fitness enthusiast, Michigan State alumni, and model, Emily Tanner is a successful 25-year-old entrepreneur. She is  Continue Reading »

2 months ago