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Entitled Teen Cuts Off Trucker, Ends With Life Lesson

As a trucker made his way through Alabama, the traffic started to pile up. By itself, ‘trucker stuck in  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

I Usually Hate TV Commercials, But This One Is Just Awesome!

There aren’t many television commercials that could be considered memorable or even significant, but one commercial for the Shangri-La  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Parents Think Their Baby Is Albino, Then Doctors Explain Why He Has Silver Hair

In 2015, there was a baby born with white, almost silver, hair. The pictures of the baby started to  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Frantic Mom Calls 911 After What 5 Year Old Spotted In Starbucks Bathroom

A mother got the surprise of her life when she entered a bathroom in Lancaster, California. The bathroom had  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Man Rips Up Homeless Vets Sign To “Test” His Kindness. Video Ends In Big Surprise For Both Of Them

Rob Anderson came across an Army veteran on the streets of Las Vegas. He was homeless and was simply  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

9 Year Old Claims God Told Her To Check Bushes, Leads To ‘Miracle”

An Indiana girl was in her home recently when she received a strange and compelling message inside her head.  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Old Scam Targeting The Elderly Is Making A Comeback, Some Losing $1000’s

An elderly couple in California recently received a piece of mail that seemed too good to be true. It  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Trucker Had A Feeling ‘Crazy Driver’ Was About To Cause A Crash So He Turns On His Dash Cam

If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic, then you understand the irritability that many people experience. Some people enjoy  Continue Reading »

3 years ago

Scientists Find Surprising Effect Red Wine Has On Your Brain

According to Gordon Shepherd, a neurologist working at the Yale School of Medicine, red wine might be a better  Continue Reading »

3 years ago