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Controversy Erupts As Chinese Restaurant’s Chicken Source Exposed

In a recent TikTok video that has taken the internet by storm, a concerned user exposes a shocking discovery  Continue Reading »

3 months ago

Mother Faces Backlash for Controversial Ear Piercing Of Newborn Baby

At a time when a mother’s joy should be celebrated, one new mom found herself at the center of  Continue Reading »

4 months ago

This Illusion Is Driving People Nuts! Do you see it?

Magic Eye optical illusions have been around since the mid 90s. Think of the fun you had staring at  Continue Reading »

4 months ago

Convicted Murderer Breaks Free From Ohio Prison, Community Urged To Lock Doors

A gripping situation has unfolded in Ohio as Bradley Gillespie, a convicted killer, has managed to escape from prison,  Continue Reading »

4 months ago

There Are 9 Words Hidden In This Puzzle, The One You Find First Has A Secret Meaning!

Some puzzles and pictures online test your vision. You have to find hidden images in a larger image or  Continue Reading »

4 months ago

Critics Slam Mom For Keeping Dog That Mauled Daughter’s Face

Dog attacks are a difficult topic to think about, but they do occur more often than we might wish.  Continue Reading »

5 months ago

Three Wives Support ‘Trophy Husband’ While He Stays at Home

When we think about marriage, we usually imagine a bond between two people. In most cases, if either spouse  Continue Reading »

7 months ago

This Dancers Are Still On The Floor, When The Music Starts My Heart Jumps Out Of My Chest

In Southlake, Texas, there exists a group of dancers who are prepared to knock your socks off. Although they’re  Continue Reading »

9 months ago

Outrage As War Memorial Start Using “Gender Neutral” Pronouns For Fallen Soldiers

The Australian War Memorial has been criticized for its use of gender-neutral language to honor fallen servicemen and women.  Continue Reading »

9 months ago

Comedian Freddie Roman Dies At 85

After spending his career as a beloved American comedian, Freddie Roman died at the age of eighty-five from a  Continue Reading »

10 months ago