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They Are Making New Planes With This Weird Bubble On Top

Ever wanted to experience the joys of flight without the usual limits of the tiny windows on a normal  Continue Reading »

5 years ago

Millionaire Was Going To Spend $11 Million On His Daughter’s Wedding Builds 90 Homes For Homeless Instead

The father of the bride often ends up paying quite a bit for a wedding. Indian businessman Ajay Munot  Continue Reading »

5 years ago

Cops Finally Enter House After Neighbors Complain Of A Stench, Leads To Horrendous Find

We all have those nightmare neighbor stories, but this one may take the cake. In Toliara, Madagascar, neighbors, and  Continue Reading »

5 years ago

Wild Elephant Wanders Into A Park Leaving Officials Heartbroken When They See It’s Head

The majority of animals that are shot by poachers do not survive. Even if the elephant manages to get  Continue Reading »

5 years ago