For those stupid enough to enact robbery and criminal activity better beware of the consequences on the other end. Not exactly what’s typical, but whenever a person breaks into the home of another person–believing that all will be well and all will turn out successfully–said person might want to rethink his or her tactics prior to breaking and entering. Such is the case that occurred in the capital city of Rio located in the country of Brazil. Only in this instance, a stranger came up to a woman, sat next to her, and demanded her phone. He already knew his intention of robbing her, however, what happened afterward came as a shock to his entire system. You see, the woman’s name was Polyana Ivana and she is a professional MMA fighter who knew how to throw a punch or two. As her aspirations to further her career, even more, Ivana delivered a whopping series of pain to her perpetrator, leaving him bloody, bruised, and shocked.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Ivana managed to stay calm, mainly because she was aware of the robber’s motive and did what she does best to thwart any attacks on her or her wallet. He was trying to be super suave by sitting next to her and inquiring about the time, yet he also had no idea of who she was and how serious of a fighter she was about to project. The robber proclaimed he was armed, but Ivana was two steps ahead of him. She had already moved her cell phone to her waist and as he put his hand over the ‘supposed’ gun he professed to own, Ivana quickly assessed the situation and realized he wasn’t armed at all. It was simply a bluff. She reacted with her typical MMA style and delivered a swift kick, alongside two thrown punches to his face. Once he fell to the ground, Ivana put him in a rear chokehold to add more damage to the situation. After her remarkable actions to mitigate what could have been tragic, she then sat the robber down and remarked that the police were on their way.

It wasn’t until much later after the incident that Ivana found out the robber wasn’t armed with a real firearm at all, but he had made a cardboard cutout of a gun to appear more dangerous to his victim. Ironically, this wasn’t the first attempt Ivana found herself in when it comes to robbery. She experienced something similar in Belem, Brazil when two men tried the same thing. They approached and did their best to rob her, however, Ivana once again thwarted an attack with her professional UFC fighter skills. The lesson she hopes to spread is that no matter what you think about pretty Brazilian women, be aware that some are more poised to inflict damage on your body than others. Polyana Ivana lived up to her Wonder Woman status, and social media went ballistic with kudos to a woman who knew how to defend herself. In the end, she had comments about the report that appeared first on The Fumble, and they were all supportive and positive. Ivana has become a living weapon as a result.