The life of a 14-year-old girl named Chelsea Banton was one marked by a series of health crises that began at birth.

From being born with developmental disabilities following a premature birth, she had also been hospitalized with viral infections, fluid retention, problems with her skull, hydrocephalus and pneumonia.

When the latter problem returned, it brought with it other infections like staph, E. coli and sepsis, leading her to spend seven weeks on life support at a Charlotte, North Carolina hospital. With Chelsea’s fate apparently sealed, her mother Colleen Banton decided to take her oldest daughter off life support in September 2008.

Doctors then began the process, but in the interim while waiting for her to pass away, both the hospital staff and Colleen saw something odd on the security camera within the hospital.

Near the door of Chelsea’s room, a white light appeared, with no one able to determine exactly how it was able to appear.


However, instead of dying, Chelsea’s condition began to improve within an hour of the image appearing, which Colleen said was the image of angel.

Two months later, she was released from the hospital in time to celebrate her 15th birthday on Christmas Day. After news of her dramatic recovery was broadcast around the world, Chelsea received a flood e-mail, both in standard form and by e-mail.

She acquired the nickname of “Angel Girl,” but passed away on November 28, 2015 at the age of 21, more than seven years after her miracle recovery.