Jeremiah Joseph was a World War II veteran.

He was also an ace fighter pilot, politician and philanthropist. He had thirteen children with his wife and was well-known and respected throughout the community.

When Jeremiah died in August 2016 at the age of 93, people from all over town came to pay their respects to him. However, there was one person who did something that no one expected.

While Jeremiah’s family road in the family car during the procession, they noticed that there was a boy standing barefooted in the rain. The boy had his hand over his heart. He stood at attention for 30 minutes.

The boy’s name is Kaiden Wade and is nine-years-old. Amy Wade, who is Kaiden’s mother, is not surprised by his gesture. She stated that he is always trying to do nice things for other people.

Kaiden is known for being a kind-hearted person who loves to pay Pokemon. Jeremiah’s family was so touched that they decided to reach out to Kaiden. They asked him to come to the Bradford-O’Keefe Funeral Home so that they could thank him.

Kaiden was able to see World War II keepsakes while he was at the funeral home.