Working out at the beach seems like it might be the perfect place to do it. Not only do you get to keep yourself physically fit, but you get to do it while enjoying the beauty of nature and the fresh air that comes with it. However in certain circumstances nature can throw us all for a loop. We have seen this happen in all sorts of situations. People are often left displaced after major storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

Storms by beach areas have been know to cause mass flooding causing residents for miles to flee their homes and head for a safer area.

But in this case we see that even normal every day situations in nature can leave our head spinning. In this video the woman is having her boyfriend film her doing exercises on the beach so she can impress all of her instagram followers later that day. Probably not only with her exercise moves but something tells me she was trying to show off other aspects of the video as well, wink wink.

THE SWIMWEAR babe is left red-faced after the waves show excessive to manage.

The swimsuit woman commands the video camera’s attention at the start of the video.

Laying on the sand in a string two-piece, she smiles as she works her abs with a leg scissor workout.

A little wave cleans over her however she stays unfazed.

Soaking damp, the woman stays up on her knees in shock.

Holding her swimsuit top, she inspects she hasn’t inadvertently exposed herself.

The video camera guy chuckles, as she states sardonically: “That’s the ab exercise.”

” You might have informed me!” she chews out the cameraman.

Not put off by the water, she reboots her exercise.

Resting on the sand, she starts to do sit-ups.

However the waves return once again and she’s required to stop.

It’s no surprise the video has actually shown so popular online.

One user composed: “She is rather something.”

Another stated: “You would believe she would find out after the 2nd time of being slashed to vacate the method.”

This video footage follows a swimwear lady’s zip wire experience had a surprise ending.

The video was discovered on the BikiniModelFitness YouTube account.