A 24-year-old woman in California has stated that she was asked to leave a restaurant because of her attire. The woman, whose name is Anastasia Ashley, is a surfer and professional model.

She talked about her experience on her Instagram page.

She stated that the reason staff members asked her to leave was because they said her shorts were too short. Anastasia stated that her shorts were not too short, and she should have the right to wear what she wants to wear.

She posted a picture of the outfit that she wore to the restaurant. She asked her followers if they thought that her shorts were too short. Many of Anastasia’s followers support her. They stated that nothing is wrong with her outfit.

Others people felt that Anastasia’s outfit was not appropriate. They also stated that restaurants have a dress code for a reason. Some people stated that the outfit was not appropriate to wear because there were children at the restaurant. Another person stated that it is important for people to have respect for their bodies. This person also said that wearing outfits is contributing to the stripper and porn culture in America. The restaurant that Anastasia ate at is called Gulfstream. The manager stated that Anastasia was never kicked out of the restaurant.