What would you do if somebody ran up to you and dumped ice on your head? Now imagine what it would feel like if you were doing a big beach interview where you wanted to look your best.

Here’s the scene: it was a seering, record high heat day on a sunny California beach.

A California woman, who’s decided to remain unnamed, was cheerfully being interviewed during a festival going on at her local beach. She donned a whitish pink swimsuit and heavy makeup, hair highlighted and carefully brushed. It was clear that she was ready to make the best impression possible on her local news channel.

“I’m in beautiful California…” she began the practiced speech, glancing only momentarily over to the side.

That was when it all went wrong.

It was all going well until a man sneaked into the camera shot with a large, hefty red bucket. He adjusted his cap, before yelling, “Snow bucket!”

At first, the woman was confused about what was happening. Who was this man? What was happening? You can probably imagine all the confused thoughts that were going through her mind.

The man proceeded to dunk the bucket of snow and ice directly on her – and it’s clear the cameraman had no intention of missing this moment!

She squealed while he yelled, “Woohoo!”, as the ice descended all over her.

Hopefully, the surprise dunk felt nice on that warm day, but she didn’t look too pleased at all to be interrupted. Nevertheless, at that moment the California woman decided to muster a smile and remain calm.

She adjusted her hair, glancing back at the cameraman and the man who was about to bolt out of the shot.

He just had to follow up that moment with a quip way colder than the bucket of ice.

“My eyes are up here, sweetie,” he said, flashing a grin towards the camera, before running off to enjoy the beach.

The woman shook off the chilly ice and snow before smiling at the camera and beginning the interview again. “Hey…”, she began.

It was obvious that she still felt confused. Was this a set up by the local news station? Was this just a random occurrence?

What do you think you would’ve done in that situation? Could you have kept your cool as a bucket of ice was thrown on your head? Do you think you would cancel the interview, try and make a smooth comeback, or just play along and act like nothing had happened?

This video went viral on Youtube, amassing nearly a million views, thousands of comments, likes, and shares. Many commenters expressed concerns about the girl and how she was feeling – something that the cameraman and the man with the ice clearly never did.

One commenter quipped, “Poor girl. Hope the interview went alright after that.”

Another stated: “Watching people get hurt is not my kind of entertainment.”

Some expressed different opinions, saying, “It was just harmless fun. What’s everyone so worked up about?”

What’s your opinion if you were watching this happen on that day on the hot California beach? Would you keep your cool, or would you confront the man who “Snow Bucketed” her?