At the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, wild horses run free. One day, a stallion named Champ grazed along the Salt River with his family, enjoying the fine weather.

A different and unknown band of horses appeared on the opposite bank. Two of the colts from this band played energetically by the water’s edge. Curious, Champ and his family began to swim toward them to get a better look.As they crossed, a filly became caught in the dangerous current and it forced her underwater. She was on the verge of drowning when Champ swam to her to help.

He tried to get a hold of her but she slipped away and was swept down river. Champ immediately swam after her. Once he caught up with her he was able to capture her by the back of the neck with his mouth and gently lead her to safety.Once to safety, the filly sought the comfort of her mother while Champ went to say hello to the head stallion from the other band. Though the horses did not know each other, they were friendly and respectful of one another, showing a sense of community spirit.

Also, Champ’s actions that day demonstrated the capacity of horses to fulfill some of the highest ideals held by humans, including those of selflessness, courage and heroism.