At times, there are people who pretend to be police officers just so that they can pull people over and cause them harm.

Some males will pull over female drivers in order to rape them or abuse them.

However, there are a few legitimate officers who are ready and willing to help others.Most drivers have a fear of being pulled over even if they are doing everything perfectly. Police officers usually don’t enjoy pulling drivers over, and they put their lives at risk every time they do as they don’t know what drivers have in the car. Some people believe the drivers should thank officers instead of being afraid of them.

One woman was in the right place at the right time.

Brittany Wallace saw that there was a police car pulled over in a manner that was rather odd. She got her camera to take a picture of what she was seeing. She was able to capture a random act of kindness by the officer.

A man was having trouble getting across a busy road in his wheelchair, so the officer pushed the man across while making sure traffic was stopped.

This is the kind of story that many like to hear about instead of the harsh stories that are often circulated by the media.