A group of people took their kayaks out on the ocean off the coast of Washington.

They thought that they were going to enjoy a calm day on the water.

It was anything but calm when the group spotted several orca whales not too far from their boats. The sight is frightening for some to see, but it’s a sight that many dream of seeing in their lifetime.

You can see in the video that the kayaks are taking off from the coast and gently get into the water. There are mountains off to the side of the ocean. There are also mountains in the distance. Soon, there is something that can be seen sticking out from the water. One might think that it’s a shark until the animal gets closer to the boats.

As the animal gets closer, you can see that there are quite a few in the water. The kayakers notice that it’s whales. The whales gently swim near the boats. They don’t look like they want to harm the people who are in their boats.

The whales swam near the boaters, giving them a show as they splashed in the water and frolicked with each other.