Staking a claim to fame after hosting a life of luxury as a former model is not hard to do. Kendra Wilkinson spent the better portion of two years as the girlfriend of Hugh Hefner at the mansion in Los Angeles, California. The limelight is constantly spotlighted on these younger models and starlets as they brace a new lifestyle within the mansion. Building a brand is a simplistic venture for these beautiful women, so it is no wonder that Wilkinson stepped into this heightened fame in a natural sense.

Wilkinson has since fully embraced and embarked on a new life journey. She married a former professional football player in Hank Baskett and continued her reality television fame with the start of her show, “Kendra on Top”. The show was a surface-level look into the life of Hank and Kendra, highlighting their professional work and teaming along with them as they reached for their goals. This show ran a few successful seasons but has since allowed Wilkinson to shed her skin and move away from the bright lights and the constant attention.

Wilkinson has since become a mother of 2 children. It is only when she posted a Mother’s Day photo on social media that it sparked the interest of both critics and supporters. Wilkinson’s photo highlights the main differences that come with giving birth, most importantly, the physical differences. Wilkinson no longer plays the owner to her toned and curvy shape and has the sense to let her stretch marks and birthing weight fluctuations write her story. She has embraced this new-found life and credits all of the successes and happiness to her husband and children. The captions associated with the released photos better paint a picture of how heavily these individuals have impacted her life for the better. There is no need for Wilkinson to shy away from her scars and her differences, embracing them for her fans and women all of the world to be inspired.

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Wilkinson wanted her fans and critics to both know that life happens and it leaves you transitioning on a constant. From television star to mother, she has never changed the person that she is today. Her values and morals remain consistent with the ways she has taught and it has helped her embrace these same ideals to instill into the lives of her close family and strangers alike. Wilkinson leaves the reality lifestyle in the rear-view as she embraces the newest blessings that have entered her life. She wants to create a positive image and influence for her children to look up to and fans to relate to. Kendra is just being the only woman she knows how to be. There are no secrets and nothing is left off the table when it comes to exploring the life she leads today. She hopes that her small media posting will create something for all mother’s to get behind this Mother’s Day. She also spent the rest of the day social media free, embracing the time with her children and husband. Enjoying her life might be carried out at different levels then we have been accustomed to, but that is the only way she can continue to be the best mother she can be.