A Norwalk, Ohio man was walking through a field in late August when he spotted a plastic bag that looked out of place.

After inspecting the bag, he opened it and discovered a heart inside. Shocked and afraid, the man immediately called the police department, which sent officers to his location.

Sgt. Jim Fulton, who works with the Norwalk police, said the situation was unusual, and the department decided to go public in the hope someone would have information on the heart. Fulton said it is possible the heart came from an autopsy or even a funeral home, but it did not appear to have been part of any illegal activity.

The county coroner reported the heart to be in excellent condition, meaning that it had either been frozen at some point or had not been in the field for a long period of time.

The coroner is conducting further tests to ensure the heart is human because a pig heart can look very similar. The investigation will continue despite a lack of leads. The case is similar to a June incident in Pennsylvania where a brain was found on a porch.

The home’s owner was draining the brain of fluids in order to get high. Police do not think the cases are connected.

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