Many people fear being buried alive. Some people also fear discovering that their loved one has been buried alive. A man was visiting the tomb of his deceased girlfriend.

The girl’s name was Neysi Perez. She was only 16-years-old and died of a heart attack. She was also pregnant when she died. The family members of the girl mourned her death and buried her after the death was confirmed. Her boyfriend decided to visit the tomb the day after her death. The boyfriend thought that he had heard noises coming from the tomb.

He told Neysi’s family that he thought he had heard some noise. They all agreed that they would have the tomb opened. They believed that the girl had miraculously survived being buried alive. The family members used tools to open the tomb.

They spent several hours trying to open it.


When they finally opened the tomb, they gathered around the body.

A doctor arrived on the scene shortly after the tomb was opened. The doctor confirmed that the girl was dead. However, they discovered that the glass at the top of the tomb had been broken. No one knows how the glass was broken.

Doctors believe that the noises people were hearing may have been the result of Lazarus syndrome. This is where the body resuscitates itself after CPR has failed.