In the typical game of hide and seek, it usually involves humans. For these pet owners, their dog was the player and thoroughly enjoyed the game probably than his owners realized. The dog, Tasha, hides herself behind a backyard huge clay pot and only shows her cute head when the owner closes the house’s sliding door after being called to come inside.

Kelly Davenport Jackson of Rossford, Ohio shares a hilarious hide and seek game with her beloved pet Tasha on video. The clever pet began the game because she refused to head back inside the house. Her antics are adorable and rather funny to say the least. The video itself has you in stitches of laughter as the owners closes the door with a clear view of the pot and suddenly Tasha rises from behind it. What makes it so hilarious to watch is that Tasha is so hidden from behind the large plant pot that you can’t really see her at all at the beginning of the video.

She remains hidden the entire time giving the impression she is no where to be found in the backyard. Every time the owner calls for Tasha, she remains hidden behind the clay pot until the sliding door is closed. The pot is big enough that it covers the dogs entire body and when she pops up we only see her ears and eyes looking at the sliding door. Her intelligence is beyond funny with her over the top antics. The whole scene shows that the dog, Tasha, thinks she is winning at a game her owners knows she obviously is playing.

The video goes on for about 44 seconds of hilarity as we watch a dog try to outsmart the owners and engage in a fun hide and seek game we haven’t seen played this good in years. Tasha clearly has a mind of her own and is very determined to not head inside the house.

The owners, knowing full and well that Tasha is in the backyard behind the big pot decides to play along. They laugh from behind the sliding door while filming the game the whole time. They literally have to contain his laughter in the house as they are amused that their dog has this kind of smarts to play this game in the first place.

The fact that Tasha quickly goes into a defense mode and refuses to go inside the house is hilarious overall. The owners shared the video in a post this past weekend on Saturday and received a boat load of views and comments.

Many have stated how amazed they are at Tasha’s smarts and that they have watched the video over and over. Others say Tasha is smarter than most humans, a wonderful pooch and has made their day. The funny video has been a viral hit once it posted. It goes to should never discount a dog’s intelligence as they can often know and respond to things just as fast as humans.