Instagram is a positive outlet for sharing some of your most prized moments. Aissa Lynn utilizes this social media platform to show how much enjoyment one can draw from life. Aissa is a small-town girl from Austin, Texas. In her wildest dreams, she never thought her posts would create such a buzz in this social-media-driven world. Aissa holds over 14,000 followers and has shared over 700 intimate moments with her fans. Most of her posts are tame followings of her life journey, crediting times with her girlfriends and her travel destinations. From an outlook, her page looks like a collection of fun wrapped into imagery. From a fan perspective, they can draw a liking to her laid back personality and the pure enjoyment she gains from living her life to the fullest.

Aissa was not a shoe-in to become a model. From a young age she would struggle with her weight and the overall image she would see in the mirror. She credits most of her motivation and drive to simply living her life without worry. She also embarked on a personal fitness journey that would create the end result of the curvy model we know and love today. Most of her time is spent hanging around with her friends. Attending sporting events, shows, and hot spots seem to be some of her favorite things to do. She can consistently be seen posing alongside her friends, who she also credits for helping her through her weight struggles. Most of her drive comes from her sparked personality. She is constantly posting funny tidbits with her photos, giving fans of her page a good laugh in time of need.

Aissa is also heavily vested in the modeling world. She is a huge advocate for assisting women in embracing the skin that they are in. She utilizes her personal story as motivation for others. This helps to spark the interest of her followers and really gets them on-board with carrying themselves through the tough times with fun and laughter. There really isn’t anything complex about her story, which is why fans take a liking to what she posts.

The imagery involved in her posts also showcases some photography background. The young Texan has modeled for a few different off-brand agencies, resulting in more of a hobby than it is a career choice. These modeling stints have created enough buzz and recognition around her name for her to get fun out of everything she does.

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She says that embracing all moments and squeezing every last ounce of fun out of them is a phrase she will always live by. She continues to pave the way for women of all shapes and sizes. Being categorized as a plus-size model within the industry has never held her back. The titles associated with her name are used as motivation to continue to produce positivity around everything she does. With her Instagram posts plentiful, fans can also take a liking to her presence on Twitter and Snapchat. She constantly shares her new beginnings and the exciting events she gets to attend. She is also very personable, willing to share her story with all who are willing to listen. She even takes precious time to ensure that she answers all of her fans to make them feel as if they were right there experiencing the fun with her.