Recently, a woman who used to be a chef has now switched to being an Instagram star and she became a millionaire doing it. The woman in question is named Jem Wolfie, and she’s from the city of Perth in Western Australia. Currently, she has 2.5 million followers on the Instagram app. Wolfie says that she make as much as $30,000 a day by selling her videos and photos to the site called OnlyFans. This is a subscription site that allows famous people to interact directly with their fans. Wolfie left high school to become a chef right after her apprenticeship. She was working there for over 70 hours! She tried some other stuff instead after that, including playing in the Western Australia Basketball League. The issue she had occurred when she ended up with an injury to her knee in 2015. This sent her straight to rehab. While she was recovering and thinking about going back to the league, she started posting videos about her efforts. This is when her popularity quickly took off. She got so many followers that she began posting more and more videos of all sorts of things, including taking trick shots in basketball.

So, the knee injury turned to be a great bit of luck for Wolfie! Originally, she posted the videos on Instagram to help motivate herself as well as to help out others. They were mostly squats. Over time she got a good sense for what her audience wanted. She ended up combining basketball with fitness in order to have some variety to her videos and pictures. And people certainly came in droves to view them. She has a lot of media showing her relaxing in bathing suits as well as doing all of her workouts. Wolfie has said that she doesn’t put out nude photos anywhere, since she’s trying to empower herself and others. Her rise to stardom was quick where she grew her following in only a few weeks.

Sher certainly has a curvy look which appeals to people in the 21st century. Thousands of people are paying $15 a month to get access to her content. The content on her exclusive fan site is definitely more particular and rare than what she posts on Instagram, but there aren’t any nudes on it since Wolfie is concerned that her content would just turn straight into content if she did that, and her interest is more in being fit and inspiring others to do the same than in anything else.

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This is seen in her fitness routines as well as the content that she posts about basketball. Jem is certainly making waves in any case, and has gone a long way from being a chef and a basketball player all the way to being one of the most well-known Instagram stars in her country. In fact, she’s earned more than 2 million just since August using the exclusive content options. Overall, it certainly looks like she has a bright future ahead of her.