the city of Bakersfield located in California has finally approved a new update for the motto on police and fire vehicles. Unfortunately, the new motto has created a line of controversy due to the phrase that has been chosen. The same phrase is used in our national anthem and found on the dollar bill. The phrase is in God we trust. Some people have been very happy with the new motto while others have been incredibly opposed to it.

Public Opinion On The Change In The Motto
Jacquie Sullivan is a resident from Bakersfield that has given statements on how she feels about the new motto. She has stated that she believes it’s an incredibly powerful and meaningful statement. The words are intended to encourage others according to Ms. Sullivan. In fact, Ms. Sullivan loved the new proposal so much that she started a nonprofit organization to help fund the initiative.

The name of this nonprofit organization is In God We Trust America. The house represents Bakersfield Kevin McCarthy has voiced his support of the new motto. He believes that it shows the commitment that both police officers and firefighters have for protecting the city from dangerous events and upholding the role of the law. Not everyone who was asked about the new motto was quite as happy as Ms. Sullivan. A team of lawyers was questioned on their feelings about the new motto.

These lawyers were representing the American Civil Liberties Union. They went to the City Council meeting where the vote was held on the new motto. They voiced their opinion in opposition to the new motto. Jordan Wells one of these lawyers has stated he believes that police officers need to be recognized as fallible. God is perfect and is unable to make mistakes. It’s important for the public to remember that police and firemen all are capable of making mistakes and to hold them accountable for any unauthorized use of their authority. Having this motto goes against that goal and actually it can cause police officers to be perceived as less likely to make mistakes than if the motto was not on their vehicle.

Another person that also voiced their opinion against the new motto was a member of the city Council and this man’s name was Andre Gonzales. While he has stated that he is a Christian and believes in God he does not believe that motto is appropriate for the bumper stickers of public servants. Several other members of the city Council have voiced similar opinions.

Several other cities across the country have had similar debates about letting this motto to their local police and fire department vehicles. Some of the cities have been able to avoid adding the new motto to their fleet but some of the cities have also approved the name. For now, in Bakersfield, the new motto has been approved by the local city Council. The updates will be made to existing vehicles in the near future. All new vehicles that will be purchased are going to come with the new motto already applied to the vehicle. It is uncertain whether or not there will be many attempts to overturn this in the future as of right now.