The health benefits of raw, unprocessed honey haven’t exactly been a well-guarded secret.

Numerous health and nutrition experts have spoken at length about them and recommended that individuals include a reasonable amount of it in their diet.

There are many varieties of honey and while they all share the same general health benefits, some go a little bit further. A recent study done on manuka honey, also called jelly bush honey and produced in New Zealand, shows that it has extraordinary antibacterial activity.

This has opened the door to questions as to whether honey may one day be used to replace antibiotics to treat certain infections. The number of superbugs that mutate to become resistant to common antibiotics is growing day by day.

Manuka honey was shown to kill all bacteria that were exposed to it during experiments, including superbugs resistant to the majority of today’s antibiotics.

Using manuka honey to treat skin infections, such as small cuts and insect bites, is quite simple. All that you need to do is to apply it topically to the affected area, just like you would use a cream. Even though more research is necessary to establish whether this honey is truly effective at fighting infections inside the human body, some people report that ingesting it was able to fight off minor illnesses.

While you shouldn’t take it in place of medicine prescribed by a doctor, it never hurts to ingest a small quantity of manuka honey daily until you get better.