The television series Family Feud garnered success in the daytime television marketplace in the United States for many years. In the show, opposing teams of family members tried to guess which answers to questions would correspond with popular poll selections.

The questions sometimes stumped contestants, but usually created a lot of humorous responses!

During a match filmed for the show in 2010, host Steve Harvey posed a potentially titillating inquiry to two contestants.

He asked them how most American husbands would answer a simple question. Which of the famous seven dwarfs best described their wives in bed? Instead of immediately racing to hit the buzzer, the two men pondered the question for several seconds.

Then one of them, a U.S. Marine, reached forward and struck the buzzer. “Bashful!” he answered, confessing he simply wanted to give his family members a shot at answering the question. His response did indeed rate a ranking amongst the top four responses!

Other potential answers included “Sleepy” “Happy” “Grumpy” and even “Dopey”. The question and his daring answer brought giggles from the audience.

As game shows fare, Family Feud has enjoyed long standing success. Teams of families often generate some funny answers as they struggle to predict the sometimes quirky public mindset!