In today’s world of high tech technology, people are able to do amazing and exciting things with photography. They can capture a real moment in time, or they can use the ability to add photoshot to make a picture or video appear as something it is not. Video do not lie, but they only show what the photographer wants to reveal. Any scene can be staged and recorded. Any message can be relayed, all it takes is creativity, and in many instances, a desire to be on top. Such was the case of twin instagram models Alina and Adelya Fatkheev.

These two beautiful models were desperate to win one of either an iPhone XR, an Apple Watch Series 4, a Play Station 4, and many other prizes in a contest. The competition was called We Care, and was sponsored by an association called Youth For Tatarstan. The twin models were already Instagram sensations, and evidently well off because they posed mostly in designer clothes., so they did not need the technical appliances. Their desire was more in the line of notoriety. They entered a video in the contest showing their caring ways, but was slammed by many because it looked like it was staged.

The 24 year old twin models made a video of them feeding a homeless man on the street. The premise of the video was that the two were walking down the street in their designer clothes when they saw a homeless man slumped over in a wheel chair, and decided that he looked in need of food. They then ordered some sushi from a local restaurant by way of their phones. The sushi was deliver,ed along with chopsticks, too fast to be believable. They did not know if the homeless man could even use chopsticks. Once the food arrived, they fed the homeless man, and added the caption underneath that said, we care. The video was well though out with all of the criteria needed for the competition, but viewers were not enthused with the content because it was obviously a staged job. The homeless man was indeed real. He had been homeless for a number of years, and was in a wheel chair because of frostbite.

After the two had fed the homeless man, they did selfies of themselves smiling at each other which did not appear to be genuine to onlookers. The two shared their video on Instagram, and encouraged others to help homeless people. They even added a phrase that said cats are nicer, but people need help too. That was a slap in the face to humans. It seemed that the twin models wanted publicity more than to win the contest, and that is exactly what they got. They received negative reviews for their video, and they did not win the competition. It was apparent that the twins were wealthy, and did not need the prizes. The competition was won by a group of school children, but not much is being said about their accomplishment.

It is obvious that the twin models know how to increase their popularity on instagram. As long as they are talked about, whether positively or negatively, their popularity will continue to grow. All followers are not necessarily in favor of everything that is put on social media.