Natalee is an Instagram model with a considerable following. She has 1.9 million followers on Instagram, for example. She is from Moscow. Recently, she took a trip to Thailand that was pretty intense she has a video saying that she doesn’t answer her account because she’s very busy, all while showing herself wandering around shooting stuff with a squirt gun.

Her videos also include her wearing a swimsuit and doing a photoshoot in a swimming pool. This includes hanging out near a pool that has a canopy in the Thai style. Other videos show her trying to find snacks at the store while wearing a white shirt and bottom. The shoots she shows in the videos also include herself eating pizza or watching James Bond movies while in a hotel that’s full of gadgets.

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?Istanbul ?? ? @mavrin Boat trip by @sofahotelistanbul

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She plays music like ” Somewhere Over the Rainbow” while showing herself wandering around her apartment and outside to view an ocean full of mountains. There are a lot of videos on her trip about pools or getting dressed. She also walks on beaches in a beautiful Thai country. She appears to be having a lot of fun exercising on treadmills while listening to fast techno music. She stretches out on a pool and eats pizza for commercial shoots with a lot of greenery in the background.

The videos show her applying to make up in the bathroom in front of a mirror as well. She smokes under a palm tree on a balcony, plays around on a swing, stands in flowing water in front of a sunset, sits on a glass table in front of Netflix televisions dancing around, poses with a bathrobe in front of a window, lays out on an outcropping on a pool, swims in a pool overlooking the ocean, posing in front of a sunset, and much more besides.

She poses in front of many pools overlooking beautiful Thai vistas and says stuff about professionalism in a Russian accent. You can see her eating coffee and watermelons in front of the ocean, walking around in front of more palm trees, hanging out next to a pool with other women friends with whistling music playing over it.

Overall, you can see a lot of her life as a model as she stands in front of sunsets on tiptoe wearing dresses that flutter in the wind. She also uses a lot of filters for Instagram including getting dog ears and having glitters fly around her head. She also has videos that show her playing with DJ tools and dancing to music in front of a television in her apartment. Natalee certainly has a unique looking pool that looks like it just dumps water right over the edge and into the ocean. She does a lot of her mixing with her tools in her home.

She wears a lot of different stuff including black dresses that are loose and blow around a lot in the wind. In one, she shows herself playing next to a giant rubber ducky or an inflatable that looks like a doughnut.