Miss Carly Lauren recently posted pictures to her Instagram about her trip to Montana. One says “Hi, I’m cold” and shows a temperature of 30 degrees. She also shows videos of her dogs wearing coats and running around in the snow. With a man. She has videos of herself wearing white coats in the snow and videos of her dog tearing apart wrapping paper o reveal a gift of a Frisbee like a dog toy. She has pictures of wine and of herself at an American pub. She has videos of herself sledding with a friend while her dog looks on. She also takes her dog along for the ride once where it says something about a crash ending. She has a video of herself in an active blizzard situation in Butte, Montana. She shows herself traveling on the road in Montana, including passing “Lookout Pass,” which shows a deep section of mountains.

She writes’ The cutest little town in Idaho.” She shows pictures of the center of the universe, a place in the area, resorts, cracker barrels in the area, Yellowstone, including pictures of animals behind her and the “boiling river” location where she sits in it wearing a wool hat and a swimsuit. She takes pictures of buffalo in the snow as well. Her trip to Montana is shared a lot with her friends and her dog. There’s a picture of Nordic Bre Works and Fine Teas from the Fine Tea Exchange there. She shows herself drinking amber beers in Montana. She shows herself making gingerbread houses that her dog’s eye. One of the dogs is named “scout.” There’s a big Christmas theme in the Montana trip that she took. With the word “slainte” featuring prominently. Her sledding adventures involve a lot of screaming in the open hills of Montana. The dogs look pretty concerned as they sled down. There’s Head Frame Spirits, which is another big sponsor. The blizzards feature her screaming about the blizzard and she also writes about “icy conditions ahead.”

She posts videos about looking out over the beautiful mountains of Montana, and about Wallace Idaho, as well as a chalk quote she saw there about how a good mood only takes “one prick to ruin it.” She posts lots of videos about buffalo and fireplaces. She refers to a buffalo as “just chilling.” There are many pictures in the snow. There’s a wine tasting photo, photos of hotels, and photos of her and her partner standing on cliffs all dressed up, as well as photos of dinner and herself going through an anniversary with wedding photos.

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such a handsome lil blue heeler ? @bluejaxy #mcm

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Her pictures often show her with a billowing dress in twilight. Overall, Carly Lauren has one million followers and lives in California. She’s a wife and “dog mom” according to her Instagram page. Beyond trips to Montana, she also shows photos of herself pregnant, surrounded by pumpkins, and many other diverse photos besides. People find her both beautiful and relatable, in other words.