Oabramovich is a star on Instagram where she has 1.6 million followers. She frequently posts about her travels, such as the trip she made to Duomo di Milano where the Milan Cathedral is. For this she simply writes “Happy.” She’s wearing a black headband, golden earrings and hair, a midriff revealing white shirt, jeans with several buttons, and a black overcoat with a handbag. Another one is also in Milan and it shows her in a tight red dress with a plunging neckline and necklace. In this one she writes “write me any emoji with heart.” Other pictures from Milano, in general, show her in places like sitting on a fountain reading a newspaper while she sips coffee. The picture shows her in a big billowing white shirt with a necklace and white flats. In this one she writes “This outfit was my favorite in Milano History. The main thing is my lovely Hermes Oran. Walks whole day in Milano are absolutely guaranteed for me and my today’s photographer.

She also shoots video of herself in Italy talking boar tides along canals and looking out at old ruins while she drinks energy drinks, plays with the flag of Italy, eat spaghetti, wearings black dresses with a fan, and poses in front of Roman artwork. In this one she writes “This is the country with one of the deepest histories in the world. Each city is unique and beautiful and has awesome architecture and style. Nothing can stop me with my Bang Energy in Italy. I want to live here. What country do you want to live in?” Other places she visits including the Fontana di Trevi in Rome. She shows herself wearing a black and brown overcoat with a huge black bag outside an ancient roman fountain. She’s wearing a white tight-fitting dress and sitting on benches and eating product placement bars while she pretends to read a book.

On another occasion, she visited Switzerland and did a video with her in the mountains wearing a tied off shirt and black tube top. You can see jutting mountains behind her and wearing torn off short jeans while music blares in the background. On this trip and post, she asks her followers where she should go in terms of forests in Russia or Europe, winter or summer, dresses or jeans, photos or videos.

She tries to include her audience in her travels, in other words. She also continues to travel all over Italy, with a shoot in Positano Italy where she’s wearing a bikini with a lot of revealing straps on a balcony overlooking an ocean with a cruise ship on it. Other photos of her in Switzerland include her petting a furry white dog while wearing sandals. She writes comments on her videos for some of them that say things like how “The World is so Big and Amazing!!! Every place is so unique, hopefully, I can visit each and every part one day! I’m going to make it happen.”