Poughkeepsie is a town in New York. The firefighters who volunteer and work there in the stations are proud to live i the country, so they often display American flags on the trucks and in the building.

However, the board of fire commissioners recently ordered the fire chief to remove the flags. Tony Gallante was asked to take the flags from the back of each truck because they were distracting to other drivers. At least three of the people on the board claimed that the flags were a liability. There were two people on the board who thought that if the fire department would place the flags in an area that wouldn’t be distracting, then they could keep them flying.

No one on the board was asked before the flags were placed on the trucks. When the firefighters removed the flags, they held a ceremony in town. Many of the people who live in the town are outraged over the decision by the board to remove the flags.

The union president has made statements that the removal is similar to burning a flag. A city in Rhode Island recently asked its fire department to remove their flags as well because they were compared to ISIS flying flags on their trucks.