A group of people from Knightstown, IN are putting up crosses all over town in an effort to stand up for the town’s Christmas display, despite a recent lawsuit involving the cross on top of the community’s Christmas tree. The ACLU sued the town on behalf of a resident named Joseph Tompkins. They claimed the cross was a violation of his First Amendment rights.

The lawsuit demanded that the cross be taken off the tree and Tompkins receive payment for having to come into unwelcome contact with the object everyday. If Tompkins wins his suit, the cross will be removed from the tree, and many Knightstown residents are outraged by this. To show their support for the traditional tree topper, many members of the community have displayed crosses in their yards, store windows, and cars.

To them, it isn’t a religious display. It’s a display of remembrance for the loved ones, war heroes, and others who have passed. One resident even made over 200 crosses and handed them out at a vigil ceremony to prove just how important the symbol is.

Although the town’s residents know that they will have to support whatever decision the courts reach, they hope that they are able to show Tompkins why he should drop the lawsuit instead.

The cross on top of an Indiana town Christmas tree is in danger of being taken down after the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the religious symbol. Josh King has the story (@abridgetoland).