A man who was taking photos inside of an old mill was shocked to see what appeared to be a human figure at the end of a tunnel.

He decided to investigate further and discovered the figure was not a human at all.The man entered the abandoned sugar mill with a group of friends to do some exploring.

He became distracted by an odd tunnel that seemed out of place with the rest of the building and began taking photos of it. As he snapped shots of the arched passageway with orange pipes, he caught a glimpse of something dark at the end.

Thinking it was one of his friends, he kept taking pictures until he realized the figure had not moved. At that point, he began to feel cold and the hairs went up on the back of his neck.

After moving some distance down the tunnel, the dark figure still had not moved. The man went all the way to the end and saw the figure was merely spray painted on the wall at just the right angle to startle people.

It had been left there as a prank by others who had explored the mill. The man said he probably would not come back in the future.