There are people who will park almost anywhere.
They can be told not to park somewhere and still think that they have the right to have that spot. Drivers can be told not to park in a certain area because there is construction or because the car would block the road.

This act is considered rude to many other drivers.A woman parked in a spot at a construction site, and after being told to move her car, she still wouldn’t leave. The construction crew got the last say in her parking where they told her not to stay.

There isn’t really a reason as to why the woman wouldn’t move her car, but she received the ultimate payback.

The job required a lot of work to get done and a lot of dirt, but they got their point across.

The woman left her car sitting on top of a pile of dirt, so the crew decided to remove the dirt from around the car so that it was almost impossible to reach it again.

If the owner wanted to get back to the car, then it would require a lot of work and possible harm to the body. The construction workers had a good laugh, but the owner likely wasn’t’ pleased.