A large alligator was caught on camera walking right across a path in front of a group of people in Lakeland.

While some people are having trouble believing that the gator is of its true size, there are witnesses who have confirmed that the video of the large animal isn’t a fake.

Kim Joiner took the video on a Sunday morning. After the video was posted, many people headed out to the Circle B Bar Reserve to see if they could capture the gator on camera as well.

There were several other people with Joiner who were able to take a few pictures of the mammoth gator. It looks more like a dinosaur than it does an alligator that you would find in the area.

The people in the video are just standing there, not knowing what to do except to wait for the gator to cross the path. Joiner was able to alert those who were with her that the gator was going to cross before they left.

The reason that animals like this exist is because of the efforts of the reserve. Some have estimated that the gator is about 12 feet in length.

Those who work at the reserve believe that the animal has been there for about a decade.

There haven’t been any issues with the alligators attacking people, but with an animal of this size, it’s best to stay as far away as possible according to workers.