Each year, there is a dolphin hunt that takes places in Taiji, Japan. This is an organized massacre where hunters kill dolphins in the ocean.

Thousands of the animals are killed during this large hunting session. It takes place from September 1 to March 1. Hunters will look at each dolphin and determine what it can best be used for before killing the animal. Some of them will be taken to carnivals so that they can swim in aquariums.

Others are killed on the spot, and others are sent to be used for seafood. Over $50,000 can be made from the sale of the dolphins. When the dolphins are killed, a rod is placed in the back of the animal. This will cause almost an instant death. When several animals are killed at one time, the water will sometimes turn red.

The money that the hunters get from the sale of the dolphins is often what keeps them doing the task. If there are animals that aren’t killed in the water, they are killed on the boat. Some hunters have been killing for years. The hunt is legal, but many of the places that have previously bought dolphins have been asked to stop making purchases.