As if Amber Mills wasn’t busy enough. She is a dedicated mother of three, former Marine and a MS survivor.

But one day, she was surfing the web and a contest caught her eye. It offered a $10,000 prize for the best toilet paper wedding dress. The only criteria for entry was the dress had to be made with Charmin toilet paper.

Mills signed up immediately because “with the multiple sclerosis and all of the health issues that I have, I had become emotionally defeated in life and I had a lot of issues. I live with a lot of pain and uncertainty about what each day will bring.”

So, despite her health and busy lifestyle, Mills believed she needed to challenge herself. She thought the contest would give her a project that focused on her talents and would inject much-needed confidence into her routine. It took Mills months to create the wedding dress. She boiled down pink toilet paper and carefully strained it.

Mills says it took about six hours to create each piece of the dress. She used crafting glue and other elements. Eventually, she had her completed dress. The finished product undoubtedly demonstrates the delicate manufacturing that went into the design.

The dress is as incredible and intricate as any dress a future bride might fall in love with in a professional shop. Mills’s daughter Amber thought the dress was amazing. She told the press, “I think that my mom has done an excellent job on this dress.”