A group of construction workers in London got a surprise when they were digging.

They started looking in a large hole that was full of mud and saw an animal that was covered. Some of the workers were able to get the animal out of the mud so that it could be cleaned off.

They didn’t know what the animal was at first because it had so much mud on its fur. Workers thought that the animal might be a small puppy.

They found that they were wrong about the kind of animal that they had rescued. A wildlife hospital helped to clean the animal.Workers found the small animal because they heard it crying in one of the many holes at the jobsite.

When the animal was cleaned by the hospital, they saw that it was a baby fox.

They believe that it is about 4 months old. Workers gave praise to the crew for saving the fox and named him Muddsey. The animal would have quickly died from the cold if it hadn’t been for the workers.

There wasn’t a mother on the premises. Hospital staff don’t know if the mother knows that the baby is gone or if something happened to the mother as well.