Over the years, many consumers have come to recognize that a lot of the commercial products that they use to kill viruses, fungal infections and bacteria in the body fail to work as claimed or actually pose a danger to them and their loved ones.

Almost all over the counter and prescription medications have side effects.

Some of these drugs cause even worse temporary short-term symptoms or permanent long-term health problems then the microorganisms they are designed to kill.

A natural solution to killing harmful microorganisms and supporting a healthier immune system, propolis, has started to gain traction around the world recently.

Propolis or “bee glue” is a special waxy red and brown substance that honeybees create to seal their hives. It is made when they mix plant resins with honey and their saliva and digestive enzymes.Because the main ingredients come from plants, typically tree buds, propolis is filled with botanical elements that have known anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

As a result, people throughout the ages have used it in chewable, liquid and other forms as a medical treatment. Beyond the health benefits mentioned, propolis has been found to also help improve cellular regeneration and reduce inflammation.

Since it kills bacteria, it can prevent skin and blood infections and speed up abrasion, cut and burn healing. The honey within propolis also offers all of the health benefits as liquid honey, including blood sugar level stabilization for diabetes and hypoglycemia sufferers.

Its properties also support healthy teeth and gums.