One couple has shown people what it really means to have a marriage that lasts till death do us part. The wife was 96-years-old, and her husband was 100-years-old. They were married for 77 years.

The grandmother died while the two were holding hands. Their granddaughter was with them when they died. She took a picture and posted it on social media. She received condolences from millions of people around the world.

One person stated that the picture was the saddest and cutest thing that they ever seen. Not only were people touched by the picture, but they also shared their own stories.

One woman stated that her grandparents were both 74-years-old.

They were born just a few hours apart. She lived with her grandparents, and her grandfather recently died. However, she is comforted by the memories that she shared with her grandparents.Another person stated that they lost their grandfather two years ago.

This person called the grandfather their biggest supporter and best friend.

One person stated that it is crazy to think about the fact that a couple was actually together for 77 years when many people today will not even live that long. Additionally, someone else stated that they would like to die while holding hands with their spouse.