Bullies do not simply end up being bullies out of no place. Research studies reveal that kids who were bullied had extreme moms and dads who bullied them also.

So if the viral video listed below is genuine and what it declares to be then you’ll understand where this kid got her bullying habits from.
A viral video has actually been distributing for several years with the title “Mom shaves child’s hair after she ‘bullies cancer woman’.”.

CAUTION: this video is rather troubling and difficult to enjoy and reveals a woman shrieking and wincing as a blonde female speaking in what is thought to be Portuguese and powerfully shaves her head as others search.

Like a lot of things on the web nowadays, nobody understands if the video is really genuine.

According to Snopes, the exact same video appeared online more than a year prior with a heading stating that the woman or lady was being penalized after her mom discovered naked photos of her on Facebook. Another source discovered by Snopes stated she was being penalized for having premarital sex.

They might not verify whether any of the backstories about this video held true or not.
In either case, what is clear is that this habits is violent.

” We can plainly specify that the child and mom both require some major assistance,” a Facebook post on the video stated, according to Snopes. “It is not a typical approach to shave your child bald after she has actually carried out something bad. Yes, what the child has actually done is bad for any person, however the response of the mom will just make the scenario even worse.”.

While some people on social networks who think the cancer bullying story stated the woman got what she was worthy of, research study reveals that this kind of believing just perpetuates bullying.

” Outcomes suggest that violent discipline increased teens’ threat of abusing peers or being abused by them,” a 2016 research study in Kid Abuse and Disregard discovered, according to Scientific American. “For ladies, the danger of being a bully was more carefully linked to physical penalty, whereas for young boys it was connected mostly to emotionally aggressive adult discipline. For both young boys and women, there was a direct connection in between succumbing to a bully and mental hostility from moms and dads.”.

Essentially, kids discover what they are taught by their moms and dads.
” If you do not want to raise a bully, do not bully your own kids,” Arizona State Psychology Teacher Julie A. Patock-Peckham states.

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