A 23-year-old teacher in Plano, Texas, was arrested December 4 after the teenage student she had sex with bragged about their affair.

Alaina Ferguson, who taught algebra at Plano Senior High School, began the illicit relationship with a boy, 16, who wrote his Snapchat handle on a class paper back in September.

Ferguson and the student had public sex in a park soon after communicating on Snapchat. The relationship continued both on and off the internet, leading to games of beer pong and even numerous trysts in Ferguson’s apartment when her fiance was traveling.

She admitted that what she did was wrong, but it felt good and fun at the time it was happening. Ferguson quit her job in October but had sex with the boy one last time in his vehicle during a school sporting event.

Afterward, the boy talked about their affair with his friends, which was overheard by school staff.A student at the school, Andy Flores, told CBS News that Ferguson was very attractive, and that is probably what drew the boy to her.

Ferguson, who was let out of jail on a $100,000 bond, is currently being monitored electronically and was forced to stop using social media and the internet.