Many students try to fool their teacher. However, one teacher decided that she was not going to let the students get away with lying.

The students were supposed to do a dialogue in Spanish.

They had over a week to prepare for the dialogue. When one group of students was called, they told the teacher that they had done their presentation last week.

The teacher responded by saying that the students had done their presentation because she did not have any record. The students still refused to make their presentation.

They stated that it was the teacher’s fault that she did not record the information. The teacher was puzzled, but one of the students explained to her what they were trying to do.

The students knew that they did not do their presentation. However, they wanted to make the teacher look stupid. The teacher figured out a way to get the students back. She confronted the children the next day.

She told them that she had made a mistake. They did do their project, but she forgot to record it. She told them that the project was full of mistakes.

She also told them that they failed the project. In order to improve their grade, they will have to admit that they never did the project.