Who is she?

Kinsey Wolanski, 22-year-old Instagram Model, sprung into full action and pulled a major stunt that was she was certain would gain her a larger following. This Instagram Model and girlfriend of Vitaly Zdorovetskiy successfully temporarily halted the Champions League, which was a final game between Liverpool and Tottenham. Wolanski actually managed to run out on the Wanda Metropolitano turf by strategically getting all the way down to the side of the pitch and then hopping over the barrier. She was also strategically wearing a revealing black swimsuit with the words Vitaly Uncensored stamped across the front of it. In one of the photos, you can see Wolanski looking back at the security member while she is smiling and running from him. Her smile is big almost as if she was taunting him. Her modeling career has been doing very well thus far and now she is about to reach new heights. She now has more followers and a bigger audience, so that is going to continue to expand her income, her following and her reach in general. The overall stunt turned out to be a job well done in the end. She even has the support of her boyfriend.

What inspired her stunt?

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is Kinsey Wolanski’s boyfriend, he is also in the entertainment world of social media. Zdorovetskiy is a Russian-American YouTuber. His channel is VitalyzdTv, which is very successful and exceeds 1.65 billion views per video. His channel currently has 9.9 million subscribers. Surprisingly enough, following Wolanski’s stunt, her following increased to over two million the previous following was at about 230,000. Incredible. It is safe to say that both parties were on the receiving end of such shameless and selective promotion. The website featured on her swimsuit is an adult website owned by Zdorovetskiy.

Does she feel accomplished?

She actually posted on her IG account something along the lines of, life is to be enjoyed and that it’s okay to take risks. This is not the exact caption however the message is clear. And, that message is that she completely enjoyed her experience even if the experience is crazy, she enjoyed herself.

Wolanskis career in modeling actually started to soar when she was in Los Angeles on a trip. She has since been featured in multiple magazines such as Sports Illustrated, a major company, FHM, and Maxim, which are also major deals. After the incident, Zdorovetskiy took to social media posted a message on his Instagram account praising his girlfriend’s actions and he even called her his “everything.” The commenters loved both of their posts and actions. It turns out that the two have more in common.

Zdorovetskiy previously made the headlines numerous times. He was responsible for disturbing the 2014 World Cup where he invaded the pitch. This was actually a final game between Germany and Argentina. He also attempted to embrace Benedikt Howedes, who is Germany’s ace but security was on their A-game at the time. Zdorovetskiy is also known for running onto the field during Major League Baseball. This incident took place during finals Game 5 in the year 2017. These two are no stranger to the antics and they seem work well together.